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The Kingdom of Tonga stretches between Samoa and New Zealand, just west of the International Dateline. In 2010 a measure of democracy was achieved when the Tongan people gained the right to elect a small majority of members of Parilament. Yet the king and other members of the royal family retain considerable power. But i

Tonga has the highest ratio of followers of the Church of Latter-day Saints in the world, a result of missionary efforts financed by the American church. Tonga's political and religious conservatism has stiffled economic development and led many Tongans to emigrate to New Zealand and the United States.

All photos on are by David Stanley, author of Moon Handbooks South Pacific. The images on this page are details. To view the complete photos, click on the thumbnails.

Hufangalupe Beach, Tongatapu

Hufangalupe Beach, Tongatapu

Hufangalupe Beach offers secluded stretches of sand between the coral rocks. Over millennia Tongatapu's south coast has been lifted out of the sea, creating limestone cliffs with blowholes.
Neiafu, Vavau, Tonga

Neiafu, Vavau, with Port of Refuge Harbor and Mt. Talau.

High Cliffs, Eua Island, Tonga

High cliffs along the uninhabited east coast of Eua Island.

Mormon Missionaries, Lifuka Island, Tonga Parliament House, Nukualofa, Tonga Akilisi Pohiva, Member of Parliament

Mormon missionaries, Pangai, Lifuka Island Haapai.

Tonga's wooden House of Parliament, erected in 1894.

Akilisi Pohiva of the pro-democracy movement.

Pumping Gas, Eua Island, Tonga Tridacna Clam Pig for the Oven, Lifuka

Pumping gas by hand at a fuel stop in Futu village, Eua Island.

A tridacna clam, the world's largest seashell, at a Tongan market.

Tongans singe body hair from a pig bound for an underground oven.

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