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The country Samoa is a former German colony, captured by New Zealand in 1914 and granted independence in 1962. In 1997 the name was changed from Western Samoa to Samoa. This "Heart of Polynesia" is tropically lush, with green peaks plunging to brilliant coral reefs, an ecotourism paradise still unspoiled by mass tourism.

Samoa's main islands, Upolu and Savaii, are large volcanic landmasses drained by dramatic waterfalls. Much of northeastern Savaii was buried beneath lava flows between 1905 and 1911. The capital Apia on northern Upolu is a mix of old and new - one of the South Pacific's most entertaining towns.

All photos on are by David Stanley, author of Moon Handbooks South Pacific. The images on this page are details. To view the complete photos, click on the thumbnails.

Beach Fales, Upolu

Beach fale at Saleapaga, Upolu

Visitors often stay in open Samoan beach houses of this kind at family-operated fale resorts and are immersed in the laidback local lifestyle.
Sopoaga Falls, Upolu

At Sopoaga Falls on Upolu a river plunges 53 meters into a pool.

Mu Pagoa Falls, Savaii

A river tumbles over basalt cliffs into the sea at Mu Pagoa Falls, Savaii.

Samoa Police Band, Apia Government Building, Apia Samoan Dancers

The Samoa police band parades past the old courthouse in Apia.

The Government Building in Apia, built in 1994 with Chinese assistance.

Samoan dancers wrapped in fine mats perform in Apia.

Church Ruins, Savaii Beach Road, Apia Lake Lanotoo, Upolu

The ruins of a Savaii church, engulfed by a lava flow a century ago.

Ramshackle wooden buildings along Beach Road, Apia.

Lake Lanotoo in central Upolu is a favorite day hike from Apia.

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