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The diversity of ships and boats plying Pacific waters is a barrel of fun. Cruise ships dock briefly in the main ports, but the islands and islanders are served on a daily basis by a variety of vessels. Our travel pictures focus on the workaday ferries which link the capitals to the outer islands. Get ready to embark on an adventure.

All photos on are by David Stanley, author of Moon Handbooks South Pacific. The images on this page are details. To view the complete photos, click on the thumbnails.

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South Sea Cruises, Fiji

South Sea Cruises, Fiji

The Tiger IV shuttles between Nadi and the small island resorts of the Mamanuca Group. On Mana Island, passengers go ashore via a wharf. Elsewhere they're transferred to the beach in motor boats or canoes.
Local Barges, Apia, Samoa

Interisland barges at the main wharf in Apia, Samoa.

Deck Passage, French Polynesia

Deck passage on a copra boat, French Polynesia.

Ferries, Eua Island, Tonga Vanua Levu Ferry, Fiji Supply Boat, Chuuk, Micronesia

Commuter ferries from Nukualofa at Eua Island, Tonga.

The ferry Princess Ashika sank off Tonga in August 2009.

A supply boat at Weno, Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia.

Field Trip Ship, Yap, Micronesia Unloading Supplies, Tanna, Vanuatu Gizo Ferry, Honiara, Solomon Islands

Field trip ship at Yap, Micronesia, resembles a floating city.

Unloading supplies from a barge at Lenakel, Tanna, Vanuatu.

A throng boarding the weekly ferry to Gizo, Solomon Islands.

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